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The Republic of Yemen is situated in the south-west of the Arabian peninsula. It borders to the west with the Red Sea...

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Some Slogans from past programs:

SWY 1: Over the Pacific and Beyond.

SWY 2: Hand in Hand for our Future; a Peaceful and Prosperous World.

SWY 3: Sailing on the Waves of Friendship.

SWY 4: World Friend Ship '92.


How often does the SWY program run?

The program is run each year by the Cabinet Office in Japan.

How many countries and how many participants from each country?

Approximately 13-15 countries are invited, average of 11 participants from each country.

How will I know if my country is invited? How can I get the information?

The Japanese Embassy in the invited country will receive the first information from the Japanese Government.

Food and special needs?

The food is a mix of Japanese and Western cuisine and is buffet style. Halal food and vegetarian food are offered, and other dietary requirements can also be met. The ship has a lift or elevator to each floor and is able to cater for people who find it difficult to walk. Although there is elevator access for every floor of the ship.

How much does it cost to participate?

The program is fully sponsored by the Cabinet Office of the Japanese Government (except for personal/incidental charges and insurance etc.), however, there may be an application fee imposed by the organization selecting the participants.

What are the activities onboard?

Scheduled activities on board the ship include the following: 1. Course discussion./ 2. Free discussions./ 3. National presentation, where each country introduces itself./ 4. Club activities./ 5. Sports and recreational activities./ 6. Others (exercise, etc.)

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