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The Republic of Yemen is situated in the south-west of the Arabian peninsula. It borders to the west with the Red Sea...

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Some Slogans from past programs:

SWY 13: 2(To) Our Own Ocean.

SWY 14: Wa Wa Wa -Unity, Friendship, Harmony-.

SWY 15: Noitaroballoc -One people, many minds-.

SWY 16: Challenge to Change.


In 1996, Yemen was invited for the first time to the SWY program, with the slogan (Seeds of Global Harmony) departed the ship from Tokyo to Colombo in Srilanka, Cape Town in South Africa, Dares Salaam in Tanzania and then to Dubai in the UAE.

Yemen was then invited again in 2007 to the Program, the Yemeni PY's departed Tokyo together with PY's from Japan, Australia, Canada, Republic of Chile, Arab Republic of Egypt, Republic of the Fiji Islands, United Mexican States, Sultanate of Oman, Russian Federation, Republic of Seychelles, Solomon Islands, Kingdom of Tonga and United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

SWY 21 in 2009, was the 3rd paricipation of Yemen in the program. With (246) PY's onboard departed the Nippon Maru to Nuku'alofa in Tonga then to Auckland in New Zealand. The participating countries are: Canada, Arab Republic of Egypt, Republic of the Fiji Islands, Japan, Republic of Mauritius, New Zealand, Kingdom of Norway, Republic of Peru, Kingdom of Tonga, United Arab Emirates, Republic of Vanuatu, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and Republic of Yemen.

In 2010, departed the Fuji Maru from Yokohama-Japan to the Port of call countries: United ArabEmirates (Dubai) and India (Chennai), carrying about (268) participants youth from Australia, Kingdom of Bahrain, Republic of Ecuador, Arab Republic of Egypt, Hellenic Republic, India, Japan, Republic of Kenya, Sultanate of Oman, Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, Republic of Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Republic of Yemen.

  • Japan NP, SWY 21
  • Japan NP, SWY 21

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