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SWY Radio broadcasts music, news, ideas and thoughts of the Ex participants of the Ship for World Youth program.

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swyworld.net is a joint project by former advisors, to connect all the ex-PYs with various kinds of activities.

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Some Slogans from past programs:

SWY 1: Over the Pacific and Beyond.

SWY 2: Hand in Hand for our Future; a Peaceful and Prosperous World.

SWY 3: Sailing on the Waves of Friendship.

SWY 4: World Friend Ship '92.

Welcome to SWYAA Yemen

Dear visitor of SWYAA-Yemen homepage, we hope that we can help you identify and learn about the benefits, aims and objectives of the Ship for World Youth's program.

Culture is an important factor in everyone's life. It's the foundation to a prosperous lifetime. In order to keep it alive, doing your part to preserve it is extremely necessary. Learning about other cultures is as important as knowing your own culture. The program of Ship for World Youth is an unforgettable event for those who participated in it. An event where you can learn how to understand and admire cultural differences!, how to communicate well with people from other cultures!, how to overcome culture shock of a foreign country!, how to become a more social and patient person! and how to have an open mind.

  • Group Photo of the PYs of SWY 21
  • Nippon Maru
  • Crossing the Equator
  • Nippon Maru

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