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The Republic of Yemen is situated in the south-west of the Arabian peninsula. It borders to the west with the Red Sea...

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Some Slogans from past programs:

SWY 9: We are the International Ship of Hope.

SWY 10: Bridge for World Friendship.

SWY 11: Celebrating Diversity: Spirit of Tomorrow.

SWY 12: Sailing in Solidarity for a Better World.

SWY Program

The Ship for World Youth program is operated by Cabinet Office of the Government of Japan, involving youths from Japan and other countries around the world. Specific number of youths from Japan and the invited countries board the Ship for World Youth, live together, and while on board, they study and discuss common issues from a global perspective and participate in various activities that involve multi-cultural and multi-national exchange opportunities, which will lead to broaden the global view among them, promote mutual understanding and friendship between Japanese and foreign youths, activate and increase the spirit of international cooperation. SWY program is also a perfect spot for practicing abilities of leadership in various areas of international society. the program aims to establish networks and promot joint activities among youths around the world.

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